The Hour of His Judgment Has Come

How can we know when the Judgment began? What is the connection between Daniel's “70 week” prophecy and the prophecy of the “2300 days”? How can we be sure that God's heavenly judgment began in the year 1844?

Sermon Summary:

Although it is not God’s plan to reveal to us the “day and hour of His coming,” He has given us signs by which we can know when it is near. More than that, He has supplied us with a critical date when the Investigative Judgment began, which must be completed before He comes back “with His reward.” 

The “cleansing of the sanctuary” of Daniel 8:14 corresponds to the courtroom scene of Daniel 7, when the ‘books are opened.” There was one day in the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, or the “Day of Atonement” on which the sanctuary was “cleansed” of the record of sins. The word “cleansed” means “purged” in a legal sense; “cleared of guilt.” Even Jews today recognize Yom Kippur  as a “Day of Judgment.”

When did the “cleansing of the sanctuary” begin, when the Investigative Judgment started? The prophecy in Daniel 8:14 said it was commence after “2300 days.” Using the “day for a year” yardstick in symbolic prophecy (Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6), this would be 2300 years. This makes sense, since the angel told Daniel this prophecy (which started with Medo/Persia) would pertain to the “time of the end.” Daniel 8: 17. No beginning date is given in chapter 8, but when the angel came back to give Daniel further explanation in chapter 9, an event is given, which would be  the starting point of the prophecy. That event was when the “command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem” was given. History tells us that date to be 457 B.C. (See Ezra 6:14; 7:1-10).

The remarkable “70 week prophecy”(490 years) of Daniel 9 provides concrete and visible way markers for the larger 2300 year prophecy, giving us confidence the predicted event at the conclusion of the prophecy, the Investigative Judgment in heaven, though not seen by human eye, nevertheless most certainly was fulfilled. The city was repaired on time (by 408 B. C, Jesus came and was anointed for His ministry on time (27 A.D.), and Jesus died on time (31 A.D.). These were visible events verified by history. Starting in 457 B.C. and going forward 2300 years (adding one more year because chronologists failed to insert a “zero year” in their timelines), this brings us to the date of 1844. Since that year we have been living in the time of God’s heavenly judgment, the investigative phase, which must be completed before He returns. The ones “delivered” at His coming are the ones “found written in the book.” Daniel 12:1.

Because the “70 week prophecy” pointed so clearly to Jesus as the Messiah, the devil attacked it, not once but twice! Back 2,000 years ago, he persuaded the Jews to pronounce a curse on anyone studying the prophecies of Daniel to ascertain the time of Messiah’s coming. More recently, he has induced scholars to corrupt the prophecy by introducing a separation between the 69th and 70th week, removing Christ from the spotlight and bringing in unbiblical teachings such as the secret rapture.

With solemn joy we should live our lives, knowing that right now the judgment scene viewed by Daniel is taking place in Heaven. This should give us hope and courage, knowing that a significant event which must be finished before His return has begun. It should inspire us each day to make sure that we are connected with Jesus, our Advocate in the court above, and that when our name comes up for review, we will be “found in Him.” Philippians 3:9.