The Three Angels' Messages

About the Author and Presenter:

John T. Anderson, the author of the book Three Angels, One Message, graduated from Pacific Union College with majors in Theology and Biblical Languages. John graduated from Andrews University with a Master of Divinity degree. Having earned a Master of Divinity Degree from Andrews University, John served as a pastor in churches in El Centro, Escondido, Clairemont, San Marcos, Valley Center, and now Mentone. In 2003 his book Investigating the Judgment was published, delving into the patterns of God's justice system. In 1989 withdrew from the pastoral ministry, entering a career as a building contractor. A number of years ago John was re-converted and again, after much prayer and providential leading, was re-called to pastoral ministry. He has always enjoyed the study of biblical words and names, a fact which anyone coming to these meetings or reading his books will encounter often. He believes that we are now living in what the Bible identifies as the “last days,” and that very soon God's plan for Planet Earth will come to completion. Soon our blessed Savior will appear in the sky, to take His children home! What could be better than that!